Québec Politics

on tenterhooks.

How exciting was this to watch? I was on tenterhooks all night watching the seesawing motion of seats and votes between the Parti Liberal Quebec and the Action Democratique Quebec. I was in Montreal during the 2003 provincial election (hanging out in Russell Copeman‘s Notre Dame-de-Grace riding) and I don’t think that election came close to how tense this one ended up becoming.

I’m not going to pretend I understand Quebec Provincial politics, so I’m going to refrain from offering any sort of indepth analysis. That said, I don’t think it can be understated how big of an impact this realignment of the PLQ-ADQ-Parti Quebecois shift will have on Quebec and National politics. Does Mario Dumont‘s ADQ’s Official Opposition speed up the Federal Election timeline? Will Premier Jean Charest survive Quebec’s first minority government since 1878? What does third place mean for Andre Boisclair and the Parti Quebecois?

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