Ed Stelmach

tick, tick, tick.

It looks like the Calgary Herald’s new provincial affairs columnist isn’t turning out to be the lapdog that his *predecessor* was:

The clock is ticking on Honest Ed’s regime
The Calgary Herald
Don Braid

Is our new premier Honest Ed, Steady Ed or (as some are cruelly asking) Special Ed?

The voters don’t know, but Premier Stelmach had better provide some answers soon or his drifting interlude could become a tailspin to fading polls.

So far, it’s as if the province is on a blind date with Ed. After an hour he hasn’t thrown up on our shoes or made a grab for the goodies. So far so good — but is there really any chance of a lasting union?

New leaders have about three months to plant a vivid image in the minds of voters. If they fail, opponents will draw the picture for them, and it won’t be pretty. Stelmach, sworn in last Dec. 14, has a month left.

Also, Paul Jackson has an predictably alarmist peice on why Premier Ed Stelmach needs to be ready just in case Stephane Dion and his scary Federal Liberals regain power in Ottawa…

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