2006 Federal Liberal Leadership Race Gerard Kennedy Stephane Dion

dion pulls ahead.

So, I’m sitting around watching CPAC‘s coverage of the Federal Liberal leadership convention.

Jean LaPierre is being interviewed. I wondered what happened to him.

They are getting ready for the third ballot. Stephane Dion, Michael Ignatieff, and Bob Rae are on the ballot. I was disappointed that Gerard Kennedy was knocked off the second ballot, but it’s not overly surprising because he was fairly close to Dion for the third-fouth place position.

Here are the live third ballot resutls….

Michael Ignatieff – 1660
Bob Rae – 1375
Stephane Dion – 1782
Total – 4817
Needed to win – 2410

Stephane Dion pulls ahead on the fourth ballot. It’s a Dion-Ignatieff showdown…

Very interesting turn of events…

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