Michael Ritter Scandal

where ritter put the money.

The Edmonton Journal has a good run-down of Michael Ritter‘s background here titled “A free fall from grace.” Interestingly, the article includes a brief list of where some of Ritter’s stolen money went…

Michael Ritter stole $10.5 million US from Wall Street energy trader Dan Gordon, some of which he admits giving to various people and organizations. There is no evidence any of them knew they were receiving stolen money. Alberta Justice says it will not try to recover the money. Here’s where some of the money went, according to an agreed statement of facts:

– $400,000 — Paul Hoag, vice-president of Newport Pacific, Ritter’s Edmonton-based financial services company
– $92,000 — Newport Pacific
– $54,000 — Lawyer Jeff Rath of Priddis
– $50,000 — Metamorphosis Concert Society of Edmonton, the orchestra founded by former Edmonton Symphony Orchestra director Grzegorz Nowak
– $15,000 — Pro Coro Canada, an Edmonton choral group
– $10,000 — Leslie Green, one of Ritter’s former University of Alberta professors and an associate of Newport
– $10,000 — Banff Calgary International Writers Festival
– $5,000 — Jeremy Carter, Ritter’s former executive assistant
– $5,000 — Juanita Amore, a former Newport lawyer

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