Michael Ritter Scandal

ritter gets six.

It’s getting to the point where I should really think about renaming daveberta to ritterberta or something like that…

From the front page of today’s Edmonton Journal

Ponzi suspect plotted escape
Judge: Ex-Alta. official jailed for hiding passport

Charles Rusnell

EDMONTON – Michael Ritter, Alberta’s former chief parliamentary counsel, was sentenced to six months in prison Wednesday after he was found guilty of breach of recognizance in what the judge called a “craftily planned” attempt to evade the potential consequences of serious criminal charges.

Provincial court Judge Bruce Fraser said Ritter employed “deceit and subterfuge” when he wilfully ignored his bail conditions by failing to surrender a Belizean passport in his name and then obtaining a second Belizean passport under an alias.

“Although the offence itself was not the most serious, the manner in which it was committed is,” Fraser said. “The breach was to put himself in a position to avoid the proper administration of justice not just in this country, but in the United States.”

The charge against Ritter stems from October 2003, when a judge presiding over a bail hearing ordered him to surrender all his passports and not apply for any others. Read the rest…

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