5 day recap.

It’s been a really really busy week here in the life of daveberta….

With all the talk of a federal election in the midst, we’re not sure from which magic hat we’ll pull out the time to get involved… though we’ve made it no secret that we’re less than pleased with the current Liberal government (or Prime Minister Martin for that matter), we do hope to help out in some fashion (how ever limited) with some local campaigns (namely those of Anne McLellan in Edmonton Centre, and Nicole Martel in Edmonton East).

But truthfully, we’ve become quite tired of entire ‘partisan’ politics thing. Perhaps it’s the lopsided incest of Alberta‘s political environment/34 year-old Tory government that we find ourselves smothered by. It really doesn’t matter what party is in power, if they’ve been in power for 34 years, they’re going to be as incestuous as the current Alberta bunch.

Anyway, enough politics for now, here’s a quick recap of the last week…

Last Thursday, on the eve of finishing a kickass research paper on the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and the BHP Diamond Mine EA process, we had the unfortunate unluck of knocking ourselves fairly hard on the head. HUGE gash, lots of blood everywhere, etc.

we spent 5 hours waiting in the waiting room at the ER at the U of A Hospital. All sorts of exciting ailments over there… This one lady had a broken bone poking out of her skin! It was crazy/cool. After the said 5 hours of quality time with 50 or so other Edmontonians, they finally cleaned us up and glued our head shut (though the bleeding had stopped by that point).

Friday evening, after taking the afternoon off of work to sleep… we joined 8 of our terrific friends in seeing the movie, Walk the Line. If you haven’t seen it yet, we recommend you head directly to your nearest film house and purchase a ticked without haste!

Johnny Cash rocks.

Saturday… after a very enjoyable evening, we met up with former-US Ambassador to Canada, Mr. Paul Cellucci, who was in town talking about his new book. Paul (or Paulie, as he’s known on the streets of south Boston) was good for 3 or 6 pints of Guinness and some chat. Though we tend to disagree with him on most issues, we were definitely able to get some insight into his perspective, which was interesting.

Sunday…. papers….

Monday…. papers….

Today…. papers….

Tomorrow…. question period at the Alberta Legislature! (expect a full report later this week (including an update on TED MORTON WATCH).

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