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gordon gets 42 months for $43 million.

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Ex-Merrill Trader Gordon Gets 42 Months for Stealing $43 Mln

Oct. 14 (Bloomberg) — Daniel Gordon, once the top energy trader at Merrill Lynch & Co., was sentenced to 42 months in prison for embezzling $43 million from the firm.

Gordon, 29, pleaded guilty in 2003 to federal charges that he stole the money by creating a phony energy trade with an offshore company that he’d set up. He also admitted that he helped falsify records at a Merrill energy-trading unit before its sale. Gordon later cooperated with a federal probe of Merrill, which ended without any additional charges.

Gordon said after he was told to reduce the risk of a transaction that Global Energy was involved in, he created a fictitious entity called Falcon Energy Holdings SA. He said he told co-workers that Falcon would enter into a deal to reduce Global Energy’s risk in return for $43 million. The money was wired to an overseas account Gordon set up for himself, he said.

Gordon pleaded guilty to single counts of wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy to falsify records of a public company.

Last month, in a related criminal case, authorities in Alberta, Canada, charged Michael Ritter with theft and money- laundering for helping Gordon steal money from Merrill. Gordon hid money in offshore accounts that prosecutors say were set up by Ritter’s Newport Pacific Financial Group.


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