Michael Ritter Scandal

the michael ritter saga continued…

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The Michael Ritter trial in Edmonton just keeps on getting more and more saucy.

For those of you interested, the “Reasons for Decision of the Honourable Assistant Chief Judge A. H. Lefever“, have been published on the Alberta Courts website.

It details the reasons why the Alberta Provincial Court judge denied Mr. Ritter bail (the section on him being flight risk to Belize was particularly interesting). It also has quite a good summary of the allegations made against Mr. Ritter by the American (ie. The $230 million ponzi scheme) and Canadian (ie. theft) authorities.

Even if half the allegations against Mr. Ritter are true, this scandal will sure make a great CBC mini-series one day (post-lockout, of course). It’s saucy, international, dangerous, and filled with Canadian content!

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