Edmonton Election 2021

Edmonton’s Municipal Election is October 18, 2021

This is a list of people who have announced their plans to become candidates for election to Edmonton City Council, Edmonton Public School Board and Edmonton Catholic School District in 2021. If I am missing any website or social media links, please contact me at david.cournoyer@gmail.com.

(List updated on October 4, 2021)

Edmonton City Council

Mayoral candidates 

Council candidates

Ward Boundary Map with new names for Edmonton's 2021 municipal elections.
Ward Boundary Map with new Indigenous names for Edmonton’s 2021 municipal elections.

Anirniq [map]
Pronunciation: A nirk nik

Dene [map]
Pronunciation: DEH-NEH

Ipiihkoohkanipiaohtsi [map]
Pronunciation: E-pee-ko-ka-nee piu-tsi-ya

Karhiio [map]
Pronunciation: Gar-ee-he-o

Métis [map]
Pronunciation: MAY-TEA

Nakota Isga [map]
Pronunciation: NA-KOH-TAH EE-SKA

O-day’min [map]
Pronunciation: Oh-DAY-min

papastew [map]
Pronunciation: PAH-PAH-STAY-OH

pihêsiwin [map]
Pronunciation: Pee-hay-soo-win

sipiwiyiniwak [map]
Pronunciation: SEE-PEE-WIN-EE-WOK

Sspomitapi [map]
Pronunciation: SS-POH-ME-TAH-PEE

tastawiyiniwak (ᑕᐢᑕᐃᐧᔨᓂᐊᐧᐠ) [map]
Pronunciation: TASS-TAW-WIN-EE-WOK

Edmonton Public School Board

Ward A

Ward B

Ward C

Ward D

Ward E

Ward F

Ward G

Ward H

Ward I

Edmonton Catholic School District

Ward 71

Ward 72

  • Sandra Palazzo

Ward 73

Ward 74

Ward 75

Ward 76

  • Lisa Turchansky

Ward 77

  • Laura Thibert
  • Kara Pelech

50 replies on “Edmonton Election 2021”

Is it ‘Tracy’ o ‘Tarcy’ Schindelka running in Papastew? I’ve only been able to find information on the latter (and no statements about his campaign)

Hi Dave, I believe Michael Janz submitted his papers on March 15 for city councilor in papastew. Thanks for providing the list and updates!

Hi Dave! I submitted my papers on May 10, to run for city council for Ward 9 – Pihêsiwin. You can find me on Instagram and Twitter as @guiscelayeg

Re: sipiwiyiniwak
First a thank-you for the new electoral map! Losing Andrew Knack is not only a blow, but it looks like a ward for opportunists and panderers at this point. Please help. I care about vision and policy but foremost? Values. Yah. Old-timer. So please help us to pick one.

Hello! Please change the website for Giselle General to gisellegeneral.ca/
That is the accurate campaign website. What you have posted is the personal blog. This website has been active since May 2021 and I understand you added the candidate name before that.
Thank you so much!

Looks like most Edmonton Catholic School Board members will be acclaimed again. Mark Twain said something like God made fools for practice, then he made School Boards. This is what he was talking about!

Hey anyone know if/when polling information for the civic election might be available? Ward Métis has a number of progressive candidates running and it would be informative to know where everyone stands in the race. Thanks

Has there been any polling done for councillors in ward O-day’ min? Would like to know which candidate has the best chance of defeating Tony Caterina. Know many people who did not like him in his former ward.

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