Edmonton Election 2017

Edmonton’s Municipal Election is October 16, 2017

Visit Elections Edmonton for the latest results from election day.

Here is the official list of candidates running for election to Edmonton City Council, Edmonton Public School Board and Edmonton Catholic School District, along with their online contact information. If I am missing any website or social media links, please contact me at david.cournoyer@gmail.com.

(List updated on October 16, 2017)

Edmonton City Council

Mayoral candidates 
Taz Bouchier (Facebook)
Mike Butler (Facebook)
Ron Cousineau
Carla Frost
Don Iveson (FacebookInstagramTwitterYouTube)
Don Koziak
Bob Ligertwood
(Facebook, InstagramTwitter)
Henry Mak
Fahad Mughal (FacebookInstagramTwitterYouTube)
Gordon Nikolic (Facebook)
Steve Shewchuk
Neil Stephens
Justin Thomas (Facebook, Twitter)

Council candidates (Find your Council Ward)

Ward 1
Randy Allen
Reuben Avellana (Twitter)
Andrew Knack
Dave Olivier (Facebook)

Ward 2
Bev Esslinger (FacebookTwitter)
Ali Haymour (Facebook)
Shelley Tupper (FacebookTwitter)

Ward 3
Jon Dziadyk (FacebookInstagramTwitter)
Dave Loken (FacebookTwitter)
John Oplanich (Facebook, Twitter)
Karen Principe (Facebook, Twitter)
Sarmad Rasheed (FacebookInstagramTwitter)

Ward 4
Felix Amenaghawom (Facebook)
Rocco Caterina (FacebookTwitter)
Justin Draper (FacebookTwitter)
Beatrice Ghettuba (FacebookTwitter)
Sam Hachem
Hassan Haymour (FacebookTwitter)
Wade Izzard
Emerson Mayers (Facebook, Twitter)
Martin Narsing (Facebook, Twitter)
Aaron Paquette (FacebookTwitter)
Alison Poste (FacebookTwitter)
Tricia Velthuizen (FacebookTwitter)

Ward 5
Philip Asher
Nafisa Bowen (FacebookTwitter)
Sarah Hamilton (FacebookTwitter)
Miranda Jimmy (FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter)
Brian Kendrick
Dawn Newton (FacebookTwitter)
Svetlana Pavlenko (FacebookLinkedInTwitter)
James Prentice (FacebookTwitter)
David Xiao

Ward 6
Bill Knight (Facebook)
Scott McKeen (FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter)
Adil Pirbhai 
Tish Prouse

Ward 7
Kris Andreychuk (FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter)
Tony Caterina (Facebook, Twitter)
Andrzej Gudanowski (Facebook)
Liz John West (Facebook, InstagramTwitter)
Matthew Kleywegt (Facebook, Twitter)
Mimi Williams (FacebookTwitter)

Ward 8
Rob Bernshaw (FacebookTwitter)
Kirsten Goa (Facebook, Twitter)
Ben Henderson (FacebookTwitter)
James Kosowan (Facebook, Twitter)
Eli Schrader (Facebook)
Heather Workman (FacebookTwitter)

Ward 9
Rob Agostinis (FacebookTwitter)
Tim Cartmell (FacebookTwitter)
Mark Hope (Facebook, Twitter)
Payman Parseyan (FacebookInstagramTwitter)
Sandy Pon (FacebookTwitter)

Ward 10
Vieri Berretti (Facebook)
Samantha Hees (Facebook, Twitter)
Sim Senol (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube)
Michael Walters (FacebookTwitter)
Glenda Williams (Facebook, Twitter)

Ward 11
Rob Aromin (Facebook, Twitter)
Brandy Burdeniuk
Chris Christenson (Facebook, Twitter)
Mike Nickel
Troy Pavlek (FacebookTwitter)
Keren Tang (FacebookTwitter)

Ward 12
Moe Banga (FacebookTwitter)
Nigel Logan (Facebook)
Mike Russnak (Twitter, Facebook, Instgram)
Jo-Anne Wright (Facebook)
Walter Youb (Facebook, Twitter)

Edmonton Public School Board

Ward A
Ahmed Knowmadic Ali (Facebook, Twitter)
Perry Chahal (Twitter)
Thomas Deak (Facebook, Twitter)
James Gault (Facebook, Twitter)
Cheryl Johner (Facebook, Twitter)
George Chung Yan Lam
Joseph Luri (Instagram, Twitter)

Ward B
Michelle Draper (FacebookTwitter) – Acclaimed

Ward C
Orville Chubb
Shelagh Dunn (Facebook, Twitter)
Jon Hoffman
Kurt Kronebusch (Facebook)

Ward D
Jeff Behrens (Facebook, Twitter)
Trisha Estabrooks
Kevin O’Connor (Facebook, Twitter)
Tamie Perryment (Facebook)

Ward E
Sam Filice
Ken Gibson (Twitter)
Chris Hurley

Ward F
Michael Janz (FacebookTwitter)
Yemi Philip (Facebook)

Ward G
Tyler Duce (Facebook, Twitter)
Bridget Stirling

Ward H
Neda Asadi (Instagram, Twitter)
Nathan Ip (FacebookTwitter)

Ward I
Sherry Adams (Facebook)
Sajida Asghar (Facebook)
Saira Wagner (Facebook, Twitter)

Edmonton Catholic School District

Ward 71
Terry Harris (Facebook, Twitter)
Mara Jan Suchy

Ward 72
Mina Angotti (Facebook)
Rudy Arcilla
Sandra Palazzo (Facebook)
Dan Posa
(Facebook, Twitter)

Ward 73
Peter Davis (Facebook)
Bernadette Iahtail
Jeff Lee
(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
Carla Smiley (Facebook, Twitter)

Ward 74
Debbie Engel (FacebookTwitter)
Gabrielle Johnson (Facebook, Twitter)

Ward 75
Glen Argan
Michael Brown (Facebook, InstagramTwitter)
Alene Mutala (Facebook, Twitter)

Ward 76
Marilyn Bergstra (Facebook)
Lisa Turchansky (Facebook

Ward 77
Kristin Heimbecker
Kara Pelech (Facebook, Twitter)
Laura Thibert (FacebookTwitter)

28 thoughts on “Edmonton Election 2017

  1. carla

    Carla Frost ran for ward 6 as councilor. She is considering running for Mayor in this 2017 Edmonton City Election. Even though she did place in the last 2 city election but has never won. Interesting choice.

    1. walter

      I think Frost should run for Mayor. She is born and raised in Edmonton. She knows more about community and Safety then anyone else l know. Also her outstanding work ethics speak by action. She has been working in environmentally services for over 25 years. People love her creative communication to reach others especially special needs and people with health concerns on all levels. One thing ; for sure she would make the council like a community family not sit as mayor and ignore councils concerns. She loves to be fair minded and she is a true community soldier in spirit for Edmonton. Come on Carla Frost run for mayor. You got our vote.

    1. Brad Retzlaff

      Afternoon Im sitting in my garage and a van stops in the alley…a female exist the van and says she taking donation for Carla.lol…nice reputation this woman is getting

    1. Trudy

      Hope not. Don’t like my tax dollars paying a credit card company to use their service. Just go to your bank and pay there

  2. Carla Frost

    Please contact city of edmonton election office if you are being bothered about donation for Carla Frost. I am a self-funded campaign.

    Thank you
    Straight from the heart
    Carla Frost for Mayor
    Website: frostformayor.com

  3. Debbie Engel

    I Dave my name is Debbie Engel and the Facebook attached to my account is not current. My Facebook is Debbie Engel. Thanks for doing this it is an awesome site!

    1. m

      I must disagree with you Carla. I have heard from several candidates in the election cycle that daveberta has not included their information on his site. Doesn’t make for a good impression of someone who claims to be a top political blogger.

  4. SC

    Wards 4, 5 and 9 will all have interesting fights (since no incumbent). Too bad that a candidate with only 20-25% can get elected. Definitely a need for ranked ballot/STV in municipal polls.

  5. m

    Is there a reason why you have not put the social media information for Ward 4 Candidate Wade Izzard on your blog?? Are you not suppose to be an equal for voice for the election??

  6. Jonathon Jacobter

    Too bad the city itself doesn’t make information as easily available as this. Thanks for links, and now I shall go out to vote 🙂

  7. madmater

    Who designed those crap ballots and how many thousands did we pay them to do it?
    Pretty sure it’s not some single mother trying nto feed her kids on minimum wage. You know, that job say is the most important in the world?


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