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Rick Orman

A look at who is backing Jason Kenney’s bid for the PC Party leadership

Conservative Member of Parliament Jason Kenney is expected to announce his candidacy for the leader of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta tomorrow, July 6, in Calgary, deliver a speech in Grande Prairie that evening and then travel to Edmonton on July 7 for another… Continue Reading →

#InsiderBaseball: NDP government shuffles ministerial Chiefs of Staff

Rumours that the NDP government was shuffling its senior staffers appears to be true. Sources confirm that three ministerial Chiefs of Staff have been shuffled into different offices and two new Chiefs of Staff have been hired.

[updated] lee richardson resigns, calgary-centre by-election could be a conservative proxy war.

After a bitterly fought provincial election campaign drove a deep rift into Alberta’s conservative movement between the moderate institutional Progressive Conservatives and the ideologically-driven Wildrose Party, a federal by-election in Calgary may be the first real test of how united supporters of… Continue Reading →

gary mar ordered to take unpaid leave pending investigation. alberta pc party releases leadership campaign audited financial reports.

Premier Alison Redford has ordered former cabinet minister Gary Mar, now the Government of Alberta’s representative in Asia, to take an unpaid leave of absence during an ethics investigation of a recent fundraiser held in Edmonton. Mr. Mar, who placed… Continue Reading →

redford’s ‘change from within’ is a nice slogan, but when you take a closer look…

Despite the narrative of “change from within” that was made popular after the October 1 leadership vote, the wave of change has not spilled far into the Progressive Conservative ranks since Alison Redford was elected into her new role one… Continue Reading →

blue man group plans to unite the right in alberta.

  Aiming to ‘unite the right’ in Alberta by mending fences in Alberta’s conservative political camps, a new “Alberta Blue Committee” has been formed by long-time conservative strategist Ken Boessenkool. From the Edmonton Journal: He has promised its members will… Continue Reading →

second-ballot math: alberta tory caucus splits between redford, mar, horner.

The three candidates eliminated on the first-ballot vote to choose the next leader of Alberta’s Progressive Conservatives have all announced their support for front-runner Gary Mar. Carrying 40% of the vote on the first-ballot, it is understandable why the three… Continue Reading →

doing second-ballot math: ted morton and rick orman endorse gary mar.

Ted Morton has endorsed Gary Mar Ted Morton and Rick Orman have endorsed Alberta Progressive Conservative leadership front-runner Gary Mar. It is unclear how many of Dr. Morton’s supporters may show up to support Mr. Mar on the second-ballot vote… Continue Reading →

mapping alberta’s progressive conservative leadership first-ballot vote results.

Members of Alberta’s Progressive Conservative Party will be voting for their next leader in a second (or third) ballot on October 1. Gary Mar, Alison Redford, and Doug Horner will contest the vote in two weeks, and until then will… Continue Reading →

results: alberta progressive conservative leadership first ballot.

First ballot results of today’s Alberta Progressive Conservative leadership vote: Gary Mar: 24195 Alison Redford: 11129 Doug Horner: 8635 Ted Morton: 6962 Rick Orman: 6005 Doug Griffiths: 2435 As no candidate received more than 50% of the vote, the top… Continue Reading →

living in the one party state of alberta: “vote today. today is election day.”

Today is election day in Alberta, but not the kind of election day that would dominate the airwaves and twitter streams in most other provinces in a modern liberal democratic state like Canada. Today, Alberta’s forty-year governing Progressive Conservatives are… Continue Reading →

alberta progressive conservative leadership blog poll results.

Over the past four days, readers of this blog have voted for their top three Progressive Conservative leadership candidates of their choice. The results show Gary Mar placing first and Alison Redford in second with Doug Horner and Ted Morton… Continue Reading →

when you really want to win. alberta progressive conservative first ballot vote on september 17.

With three days left until the results of the first ballot voting in Alberta’s Progressive Conservative leadership contest are tallied, some candidates are being accused of breaking campaign rules. Perceived front-runner Gary Mar is facing accusations that his campaign was… Continue Reading →

new environics poll shows gary mar in the lead, alison redford in close second.

The Edmonton Journal and Calgary Herald have published the results of a joint-Environics poll gauging support for Progressive Conservative leadership candidates among 800 card-carrying party members: Province-wide Gary Mar: 31% Alison Redford: 20% Doug Horner: 12% Ted Morton: 10% Rick… Continue Reading →

ted morton aka frederick lee and the shredder.

After a week of dodging questions from intrepid CBC reporter Charles Rusnell about a covert email alias and shredded ministerial documents, former Finance Minister Ted Morton‘s campaign for Alberta’s Progressive Conservative leadership has taken its first big hit with just… Continue Reading →

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