Edmonton Election 2017

Edmonton’s Municipal Election is October 16, 2017

If you know any candidates who have announced their intentions to stand for Mayor, Council, or School Board, please send me an email at david.cournoyer@gmail.com. I will add them to the list. This is an unofficial list of candidates who have declared their intentions to stand for office. Candidates become official after Nomination Day on  Monday, September 18, 2017. Visit Edmonton Elections for more details.

(List updated on August 17, 2017)

Edmonton City Council

Mayoral candidates 
Taz Bouchier (Facebook)
Carla Frost
Don Iveson (FacebookInstagramTwitterYouTube)
Rick Krull
Charles Laing
Bob Ligertwood
(Facebook, InstagramTwitter)
Fahad Mughal (FacebookInstagramTwitterYouTube)
Gordon Nikolic

Council candidates (Find your Council Ward)

Ward 1
Andrew Knack (FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter)

Ward 2
Bev Esslinger (FacebookTwitter)
Ali Haymour (Facebook)
Shelley Tupper (FacebookTwitter)

Ward 3
Rob Bernshaw (FacebookTwitter)
Jon Dziadyk (FacebookInstagramTwitter)
Hakin Isse (Facebook)
Dave Loken (FacebookTwitter)
Karen Principe
Sarmad Rasheed (FacebookInstagramTwitter)

Ward 4
Felix Amenaghawom (Facebook)
Rocco Caterina (FacebookTwitter)
Justin Draper (FacebookTwitter)
Sam Hachem
Hassan Haymour (FacebookTwitter)
Beatrice Ghettuba (FacebookTwitter)
Emerson Mayers
Martin Narsing (Facebook, Twitter)
Aaron Paquette (FacebookTwitter)
Alison Poste (FacebookTwitter)
Tricia Velthuizen (FacebookTwitter)

Ward 5
Nafisa Bowen (FacebookTwitter)
Sarah Hamilton (FacebookTwitter)
Miranda Jimmy (FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter)
Alex MacFarlane (Facebook, Twitter)
Dawn Newton (FacebookTwitter)
Svetlana Pavlenko (FacebookLinkedInTwitter)
David Xiao

Ward 6
Taz Bouchier (Facebook)
Bill Knight (Facebook)
Scott McKeen (FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter)
Tish Prouse (FacebookLinkedInTwitter)

Ward 7
Kris Andreychuk (FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter)
Tony Caterina (Facebook, Twitter)
Andrzej Gudanowski (Facebook)
Liz John West (Facebook, InstagramTwitter)
Matthew Kleywegt
Mimi Williams (FacebookTwitter)

Ward 8
Lenore Dilts (FacebookTwitter)
Kirsten Goa (Facebook, Twitter)
James Kosowan (Facebook, Twitter)
Ben Henderson (FacebookTwitter)
Eli Schrader (Facebook)
Heather Workman (FacebookTwitter)

Ward 9
Rob Agostinis (FacebookTwitter)
Tim Cartmell (FacebookTwitter)
Payman Parseyan (FacebookInstagramTwitter)
Sandy Pon (FacebookTwitter)

Ward 10
Vieri Berretti (Facebook)
Samantha Hees (Facebook, Twitter)
Sim Senol (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube)
Michael Walters (FacebookTwitter)
Glenda Williams (Facebook)

Ward 11
Rob Aromin
Brandy Burdeniuk
Mike Nickel
Troy Pavlek (FacebookTwitter)
Keren Tang (FacebookTwitter)

Ward 12
Moe Banga (FacebookTwitter)
Nigel Logan (Facebook)

Edmonton Public School Board

Ward A
Perry Chahal (Twitter)
Cheryl Johner (Facebook, Twitter)
Ahmed Knowmadic (Facebook, Twitter)
Joseph Luri (Instagram, Twitter)

Ward B
Michelle Draper (FacebookTwitter)

Ward C
Shelagh Dunn (Facebook, Twitter)

Ward D
Trisha Estabrooks (FacebookTwitter)

Ward E
Ken Gibson (Twitter)
Leslie Marks (Twitter)

Ward F
Michael Janz (FacebookTwitter)
Yemi Philip (Facebook)

Ward G
Tyler Duce (Facebook, Twitter)
Bridget Stirling

Ward H
Nathan Ip (FacebookTwitter)

Ward I
Sherry Adams (Facebook)
Sajida Asghar (Facebook)
Saira Wagner (Facebook, Twitter)

Edmonton Catholic School District

Ward 71
Patricia Grell (Twitter)
Nancy Robb

Ward 72
Sandra Palazzo (Facebook)
Dan Posa
(Facebook, Twitter)

Ward 73
Jeff Lee

Ward 74
Debbie Engel (FacebookTwitter)

Ward 75
Glen Argan
Alene Mutala (Twitter)

Ward 76
Lisa Turchansky (Facebook

Ward 77
Laura Thibert (FacebookTwitter)

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