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Ron Liepert versus Rob Anders: the next PC-Wildrose proxy war?

Will former provincial cabinet minister Ron Liepert make the jump into federal politics? With the launch of the website today, rumours began to spread that the former two-term Calgary-West Progressive Conservative MLA turned consultant could challenge ultra-conservative Rob Anders for the Conservative Party nomination in the new Calgary Signal Hill riding. Mr. Liepert’s candidacy […]

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Alberta politics 2013: Big City Mayors

A generational shift in Edmonton Framed as a lacklustre and uneventful campaign, local media and many mainstream pundits missed one of the most important stories of this year’s mayoral election in Edmonton. The city’s crusty local establishment has lamented for years about the constant stream of locally-raised young talent choosing to build their careers and […]

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calgary election 2010: i would vote for naheed nenshi for mayor.

As a city, Calgary has many endearing qualities. Good people, a good music scene, and some great restaurants among many things. As an Edmontonian, some kind of genetically ingrained instinct should be telling me that I should never want to be a Calgarian, but for next week I wish it would be. If I were […]