By-Elections 2017

By-elections will be held in the federal ridings of Calgary-Heritage and Calgary-Midnapore on April 3, 2017.

Here are a list of candidates nominated to run in the by-elections:

Khalis Ahmed, NDP [Facebook, Twitter]
Bob Benzen, Conservative [Facebook, Twitter]
Scott Forsyth, Liberal [Facebook, InstagramTwitter]
Stephen Garvey, National Advancement [Twitter]
Darcy Gerow, Libertarian [Facebook]
Taryn Knorren, Green [Facebook]
Jeff Willerton, Christian Heritage

Haley Brown, Liberal [Facebook, Twitter]
Kulbir Singh Chawla, National Advancement
Larry Heather, Christian Heritage [Facebook]
Holly Heffernan, NDP
Stephanie Kusie, Conservative [Facebook, Twitter]
Ryan Zedic, Green