9 thoughts on “na’vi stelmach.

  1. Neal

    Are you suggesting that a Hollywood movie director might not be the best person to render judgment on a key part of North America’s energy supply?!?

    No one understands the oil markets, the environmental impacts, or the legislative framework better than a foreigner who makes movies for a living!

  2. Daniel Kaszor

    RE: Neal

    Cameron is Canadian. Plus every indication is that he is more of a technocrat (who actually does know what he was talking about) than any kind of crusader.

  3. Paul Turnbull

    Stelmach really had no choice but to meet Cameron. The bottom line is that Cameron has power and influence amongst the powerful and influential. He also has the means to influence events here as well as evidenced by the possibility he could provide support to a lawsuit against the province.

    As for rendering judgement, he has just as much right as the bloggers and commenters here on the tubes. In fact, given his resources, he may even be better informed.

  4. Sal

    Topped by today’s paper calling Cameron a “Hollywood Phoney”!!! I honestly think that could be a new low for the Sun in some ways…BTW, Anybody know if Bat Boy and Brittany Spears are still an item?

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