10 thoughts on “why do i [tweet] so much [expletive noun]?

  1. Art

    Remember when Blackett was appointed and the Edmonton Journal and the arts community were pleased as punch to have a minister who wasn’t some rural cow-poke? They went overboard to suck up to the guy and gush about how wonderful he was.

    I don’t hear much of that anymore. I wonder why?

  2. Arts fundings endless Vortex

    Yeah, lets dump money into the vortex that is arts and culture.

    If the government is wasting money on it, you know it’s good art, but if the private sector is funding and making money on it, that’s just called selling out to the man.

  3. Broken Winged Swann

    I can almost guarantee that God read that and killed a kitten.

    Wow. It’s like Yoda fired up Twitter in the middle of an ESL class after hitting a meth pipe.

  4. Blake

    I’m sorry Mr. Blackett, but I don’t think Ed could’ve found much worse of an appointment for your esteemed position. Run. Run back to the bosom of the good old USA! Your ineptitude for such a posting has been obviated thanks to Twitter.

  5. Will

    wrong find with it anything, can’t. people, stop must fun-making of errors typographical. feel some must politicians elected have filters some for media social ought to. lindsay poor dumped on is getting.

    politician note of from Albertan an: “crap it’s.”

    We got culture… cause we gots a minister of culture.


  6. NLAR

    It’s a great question Dave, if we did spend the money promoting our culture like we do the oil sands I wonder where our reputation would be in Alberta. But you gotta remember Mr.Blackett is not likely to spend the money because it’s “crap”…


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